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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 27, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of comnies,rom small businees to major corporations. wt can we do for you? and now "bbc world news." >> caught on camera. china is still in cldren kidnappedy a criminal gang. we have a specl report. >> wh my son went missing, my eart felt likit was being cut into pieces. i experienced the darkest hours of mlife. >> china is bout -- time is running outor iran. russia and china join the
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sanctis. the world's number 1 golfer tiger woods isnvolved in a car accidt just tside his home. welcome to "bbc world news broadcasti our viewers o pbs in america, also on the globe. coming up later for y, the end of the line has the major nazi war crimes trial oms in germany. we travel to thkilling facry. and celebrating eat in iraq. a saddam era amusement park reopened. hello to you. we ben with an exclusive report on china's hien crime wave the traffiing of young children. the bbc has obtained footage of children being taken from the reets by a criminal gang, destined for families anxious
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for no air -- for a male heir. some still feel the authorities are not doing enough >> look carefully. you see a man carrying a child away i the nig. this is a child kidnapper in the act of coitting his crimes. anotherase, a bus station. a man in brown is holding aaby turtle to lure chdren in. this 8-year-d child has fallen r this trap. the trail of the doctors. police had to the mountains. posing as buyers, they are arranged a meetin thei target thks he is here to sell a child. he is arrested. he is a gangster in this part of china, the's a deep-seated preference for some.
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boys keep the family namalive. they hve a duty to care for aged rents. nd you can buy o illegally. in the dingy house, detectives find a stolen child. he looks bewdered, confused. more th a dzen others we rescued in t operation. among them, this bowho had been solfor 3,000 pounds. thiwas the moment they were returned to their famili. the mother o did notnow if her sonas alive or dead. back with a ster,ho could so easi have beenabducted her stuff. his parents ner let him otof their sight. mother has given up her jobo watch ovehim. >> when my son went misng, my heart felt liket is bng cut up in pieces. i experienc the darkest hours
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of m life. words cannot describe it. when he came back, everythg suddenly beca cear, and it filled myeart with joy. >> on the streets ofouthern china's teeming factory tos, childr of migrant laborers playi unsupervised are easy prey for theraffickers. they do not know the exact numbe, but it seems thousas of childn are being kidnapped from here eryyear. just a handful ha been reunited th their families. for many parents sayhat the authorities do little to help them. often,hat actively obstruct their srches. >> rememb thfirst boy we saw being kidnapped? a cheek vivacious two year- old. his father meets us, but discreetly in a local restrant. he began a public campai to find his son and oer children. he says he has been ward not to make too much fuss.
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>> i there were jt one or two cases, it wouldbe a minor thing forhe police, bt thousands of s have lost our kids. it is a massive issue. the government wants to project a harmonious society >> to the tiny state, fiing a child is less iortant than preserving the face of oer -- to the chese sta tear it all he has a picture, too lurred to show the face of the kidnapper has a sonishes into the nht. -- vanishes into the nit. >> the united natio' nuclear atchdog has censur and for developg a anium enrichment te in secret, and it is demding that rent freeze the projectmmediately. the resution does carry some ight. it has been backed by russia and by china. there were previously oosed to sanction against iran over its nuclear program. this repo from the bbc's
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pteron correspondent. -- tehran correspondent. >> a new sign ofran's growing internatnal isolation. this the first iaea rolution since2006. crucially,, of chin and ssia voted i favor, in a move that mplies ty support new sations, but that issuance of the agenda in the ye. >> there had been no movement on the remaining isss of concern, which need to be planned r the agency to pursue the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program. >> the test resolution was provoked by a solution in september of previously undisosed nuclear side, but the westelieves could be part of a seet -- secret nuclear bomb program. t union has demanded thiran stop work the site, but an's response so far has en a threat to reduce cooperations. >> you have to make sure that
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the agenciewill only be focused on technical mses. any gesture or move jeoparze in the irit of cooperation wilbe counterproductive. >> there are growing signs that the post-elecon turmoil is taking its to o the iranian government. western oervers blieve president ahmadinejad's government ma simply not be capable of making new initiave on the nuclear program an carrying it through. a deal designeto supply fuel fora pteron sarch reactor seems to have fallen through after being attacke on all ses intehran. a strange move was apparently after aobel pee prize was awaed to an iranian human rights lawyer. all the signs are that president ahmadinejad's gernment is eitherot willing or not able to gage in a serious dialogue
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now with e outside world. >> more on the main stories for you this hour. at least 22 peoplhave died i a train derailment in ssia. t scenesis third this press came off the tacks -- the st. tersburg camoff the tracks. 55 are injured. britain'ambassador to the united nations during the iraq war has said the invasi was of quesonable legitimacy. he has en telling the.k. iraq inqry that theonflict didnot have the backing of most united nations members, nor, perps, he said the jority of the british public. the comedy of to form the bas of a legay binding taty is within reach. that is acrding to the united nations secretary-neral. ban ki moon habeen speaking on thesland ofrinidad 10 days befor the world, a -- summi isheead ofaround 30
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civilis were killed along with many insurgents for days, a man who was defense minister at the time, iisted blicly civilians had been killed. the wor's number 1 golfer, tiger woods,s recovering after crashing hiscar near his florida home. he collided wh a fire hydrant and a tree in th early hours of the morning, ande has been treated in hospital for cs to his face. >> the florida highway patrol says tigeroods was injured as e pulled outf his dveway in the early hours of the morning. the authorities id his cadillac hit a fire hydranand a ee as he left his home in linda nir, an exclive subb of orlando eayeports suggested he mht have be seriously hurt, but local hospital ys he was tread for minor injurie and released in goocondition. >> tiger woo was on a minor car accide outside h home last night. he was admitt, tated, and
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releed today in good condition. that is it. >> this is ndition? >> god condition. >> his agent is quoteas ying his client is fine. the highway patrol investigating but say alcohol s not involved. atust 33, which is alady one of the mt succeful golfers of all time. by h own exacting standar, this has not beenne of his betterears, but he has still one half a dozen competitions since recovering from knee surgery last ar, including- trillion * two weeks ago. not clear if he still plans to host his own trnament, which is due to start in california on monday. --ncluding the australian tourment two weeks ago. >>what would you call it? islamaphobia or ptecting of culture? the coury's largest political party says the distinctive mt towers are a step toward
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islamization. good to the debate inde one of europ's most insular countries. the call to prayer in corridor. thiss islam swi styl worship in a private use. n, many muslims would like something more. >> if there wou b an islamic center in zurich we people could go, this is something which muslims would very much appreciate. >> but many sss do not want minet's on the sideline. the mpaign in favor o the ban has been vigous. critics say it h been ugly. supporters sayealistic. >> minarets are symbols of power. islam is more than a religion. it is an ideology ad a legal system, and history shows that wherever there are mirets, islam has taken hold in a very aggressive way.
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>> t there is no story in switzerland of islamic extremism. banning minarets would come as was muslims believe, the misguided and a olation of theirights. >>e are of the opiniothat we should enjoy the same ghts like other religions i switzerland. these rights are guaranteed by t constution, and if we would enjoy ss rights, tn it woulbe disimination, which we do not accept. the gunman hopes vots will reject a band. it feared alienatg some slims and damagi relaons with muslimountries, but the campaign has bn one-sided. one image iseverywhere -- isla as a threat. at the ment, opinion polls show a small mority against the ban, but whicver way the votegoes, there is a fear here that the tone of this campaig with posters like this one
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[inaudible] >> gooto have you with uson "bbc wod news." stay with us if you can. sll to come, on one ofhe bigge american shopping days the year, will consumers bailout the economy? first,though, massiverowdst the pilgrimagen saudi arabia ave been taking part in one of the most dratic days o the islamic festival. it's symbolic rection of temptation, workers have been throwing stones -- worshipers have been throwing ston a alls representing the devil. in prevus years, car pilps have led disaster. >> this is the arid valley. look at it. the pilgrims came her last night after spending a day where their prayer andbortion and reciting the holy kan. today, the are busy cting
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stones at that wall, which represents the devil. today also marks the day of the eve when muslims are around what crifice anals in the day above- name of allah. for many, today is also theost riskyart. over 200 pilgrimtried to make their way tthe same sml destination. three years ago, 350 pilgrims were killed beuse of a stampede. butauthorities have been trying toedesign the project. there will plus' new floors and new thways all digned for smth pathways. they have introduced new came so they can motor the crowds movent. all thiss designed by e soviet authorities. this is one of the three wal thatepresents the devil. everyo rushes to get help. this ritual symbolis rejection o the devil and a rejecti of worldly temptations. people are using these rocks to
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throw athe del,hich they have llected overnight. they bring thes roc here on this very day to throw at t dole. -- at the devil. >> hello andelcome. >> see the news unfold. go to to experience the and debt expert porting of "bbc world news" online. it iseasy. click here to watch the minute world newsummary. you can read the latest headlines. at the toptories from around thelobe, and click to play vio report. discover morebout the subjects that really interest you and findut what issues the world is talking about right no bbc world news" onne, go to watch the news
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unfold. >> latest headlines for yo on bc world news." the bbc has obtained footagef childrebeing takenrom histor by criminal gangs in china. two men convicted of involvemt in this trade have ju been executed. the united nations' nuclear atchdog, the iaea,has censured andor developing a united natns in richmond site in secret. now, if you are in the u.s., you have noticed thholiday shopping seasons officially und way. what everyone calls blk friday used to be the day when mtin tailers turned prots, literall going int the black for the whole year. this year, it looks een more importan >> it is thtime of yea american retlers most look fward to -- black friday, the day that marks the start of th traditionalu.s. holiday shoingeason, but there was less holidays dl at macy's
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thiyear. it is not a clock 30 in the morning, and alread there are plenty of pele in this sp, but it is nothing compad to evious years becaus the recessi have made peopleore frugal. the big queion for retailers is -- are the bargains enough to get consumers spending ain? there was no shortagef discountsto choose from. >> is everywhere. th valuesre everywhere. it is so harfor me to pick among all omy children. >> macy's ceo believes this year will be better than las year, but after the credit cris, he is not ting anything for anted. >> historically,onsumers have returned to their private habits after a recessio but i have always said to my group, i am not discountinghis ad therefore d not expect what ha followed in thpast will fll in the future. we have got to look athis as a clear change, ret butt push by the conmer. >> sme retailersid not even
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wait for the holiday to starto egin their se. >> onof the great promotions are doing startingoday is sweaters, buy one get o free. >> the best president explained shoppers cou pick up a bargain before they had even joyed their thanksgiving dinner. when a >> the things we have dones we started our black frid promotions early on wednesday, so customersho are shopping oblack friday to get there early. >> amon has also begun to meet extra demand as re avoid the owd by shopping online. but wther you are an online seller orbricks and mort railers, last year's holiday season was one of the wrst in cades, andconomists thk is year may not be that different. >>we have had a tremendous amnt of jo losses. we have not seen our wag go , so there's a l of pressure on coumers, and they are re likely under these conditns to
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save and be very cautis in terms of any ending. >> retairs are making sure all the traditional elents fo a bank holiy are in place. now, all they can do is hope the flux of shoppers this weekend will bring cesta cheer, not holay tears. -- bring festive ceere, not politics years. >> it could be germy's lt day nazi war imes trial. a man is accused of helping to murder more than 27,000 jews at a dth cp, 13 some asian camps built by the nazis in eastern poland. this is part of a plan to murd every jein europe. >> the chains which ones arriv were always full of people but they le and the. the passengers we murdered he.
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> this is wre the people perished. >> philip is one of the few suivors. he was transport to the nazi death camp in apl 1943. instead of being sent sraight to the gashambers, he was selected to be a slave lar. >> all the -- the smell of the flesh is horrib. one of the sla laborers asked me if i can with my famil i said yes. he sd turn it around. this ws your family. this was right when i came into the camp. he said hereverybody will come through for you. >> 4 250,000 jew are arriving
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in singapore w a death sentenc men we separad from women and children, and mnuteslater, guards herded them in the woods andhe gas chambers. it was a kling factory, a place of systematic sughter. but was partf e killing machin he denies he was a guard, but he as been der suspion befo. inhe 1980's, the u.s. extradited him srael. there, he wasconvicted but lar acquitted of carges lated to a different not see death camp. this year, h was extradit t germany. prosecurs say they have evidence which links 1 to sobivore, into the murderof more than 27,000 jews. every year, philip dollar this travels from new york to bivorejust a prayeror his
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relates. he doesnot remember defenda, but he will bat his trial. >> i a willing to to testy and tell the crt how was with my familynd friend and 250,000 victims. >> they dsappeared intohe soil. their aes feedhis forest, but those who witnessed how and surve will never let the victims be forgotten. >> if you feel in need of a little go news, the space shuttle atlantis anits seven astronauts have returned to earth. it was a smooth tuchdown after a 11-day flight to resupply th internationaspace statn. the coanders said they cannot havet declared a for the landi aeared especially happy homecoming for one of the
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crew his baby b was born last weekend. and inraq, i welcome reite from the vionce, which has marred the count's recent historand a chance to try out a w of the things, which are commonplace for famils in other less troubled rts of the world. our correspondents will snd the day sampng the mood out on the streets of their capita >> this washe present from the iraqi governmt to its people. a saddam-era amument pa. nce the 2003 u.s. invasion, the land was home to an american military base. f the visitors hambgers or perhaps e onlyisible reminderf the u. presence on
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th island, but here and acrs ghdad, securi is still an iss. every public holidayn iran is a problem for the govement here eecially have an election, when ficials are expted to show that they have got the security situation under control. their children can once again play in thparts of baghdad. families can realize that lif is turning -- returningo normal, and that is what everyone here wants to believe, except not evebody does. >> the situationot very good becausevery day, when they kill so much and hurto much people. >> i want my children to live in a peaceful, secure country, this woman says. but thisear, hardly thing here frothe past. >> test on the e ofat,
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several people died in explosis across baghdad. and yet, thatame evening, -- no many made it to the show, but the mereact that the national t ste was open after rk was revolutionary in itself. it was a tiny step toward life without fear. the kind of life that iraqis are still waiting for. >> finally, y will have seen the story, b it has been revealed a couplef gate crashed state dinner at the white house without the invitation did meet president obama the receiving line. the were a bit in esday's downing- dinner for india's prime minister, but notn the official gst list. seret service s admitted proper procedures were not followed. 's as it is consering
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crimin charges against th couple who are csing a reality tv career. the bbc has obtained footage of children being take from historby criminal gangs in china, destined for familie anxious for a male heir. authities executed two men convicted of involvement in the trade, and the u.s. nuclear watchdogas the gtations' nuclr watchdog has censured and ran for develong a nuclear facility in secret -- the united nations'uclear watchdog. what's morenytime you want it on thanks for being with us on "bbc world news." funding was made possible y the freeman foundation newthe jo d. and catherine t. macarthur foundion. and union bank. and union bank. >> union bank has put its wid
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range of cpanies from sml businesses to major corporaons. what n we do for you? >> i'm julia stiles. >> i'm vin bacon. >> i'm kim cattrall. >> hi, i'm ken burns. >> i'm liltaylor. >> i'm henry lou gates, jr., and public brocasting is m srce for news about the world >> for inteigent conversation. >> for election cerage you can>> f conversations beyond the sou bites. >> a commitment to journalis >> for deciding whoo vote for. >> i'm kerrwashington, and public broadcastg is my source for intelligt connections to my community. >> "bbc worlnews" was prested by kcet, los angeles. prested by kcet, los angeles.
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